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2015 Responsible Tourism
Gansbaai On Top

2015 Responsible Tourism
Gansbaai was the overall winner at the WTM Africa Responsible Tourism Awards held on Thursday 16 April 2015 in Cape Town

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Gansbaai - The Natural Adventure Destination

Get away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life, let down your hair, kick off your shoes and come to Gansbaai. Get back to basics with warm friendly people to welcome and pamper you.
So what makes Gans Bay cool? Simply it's natural, rugged and unspoilt beauty.

From the spectacular cliffs of De Kelders to the miles of white sandy beaches of Pearly Beach, you will find one of the most unique and astonishing land-based whale watching spots in the word.
Or onwards to Dyer Island where the mysterious and graceful Great White Sharks have drawn visitors from across the globe, hence Gansbaai having become known as the Great White Shark capital of the world. In the same vicinity just off Shark Alley, you will find an abundance of seals, being the hot spot restaurant of the great whites, not to mention the Penguin colony of Dyer Island.

Back on land, numerous caves along the cliffs of De Kelders beckon the visitor to explore and discover ancient secret wonders - while never ending sandy beaches provide for long uplifting and soul-searching walks. Vrious trails can be followed on the mountain and in the hills to discover fynbos that is awesome (some 1500 species), views that are striking, rare plants yet to be discovered and space that is not yet a luxury. Ancient milkwood forests grace the surroundings and are home to many an unknown insect, rodent and plant species waiting to be admired.

"..this little town is able to offer some of the world's best boat- and shore-based whale watching and unquestionably the world's best white-shark diving. The sensational marine tourist attractions should not be the only things to lure you, however. Some of the Cape's best-conserved fynbos adorns the mountains in the area and numerous walks and trails criss-cross it. The lighthouse at Danger Point is open to tourists, and you can climb the stairs to the revolving light and peer out at the restless waters that cover the remains of the famous Birkenhead wreck. After a week spent wandering the streets of Gansbaai and its surroundings, we can comfortably say that this, truly, is the gem of the Overberg."
Cameron Ewart-Smith; Getaway Magazine March 2003

Best Destination for Responsible Tourism 2015 – Gold Award Goes To Gansbaai!!!
The Best destination for responsible tourism category is awarded to a holiday destination setting an inspirational and influential example for responsible tourism.

The Gansbaai is like an oyster that the local fishermen have opened only to discover a pearl inside - but that they then go on to share with all the world. Because Gansbaai, a town in the Overberg region, Western Cape, South Africa has transformed itself from fishing village to one of South Africa's most exciting, and community led adventure hubs, a process that has been led by the Gansbaai Tourism Association. The Gansbaai Tourism Association is one of South Africa's most proactive and passionate clusters of tourism businesses, from fishermen to fynbos conservationists. Because at Responsible Travel we know that responsible destinations don't just happen. People make them happen.
The wholly committed members of the Gansbaai Tourism Association have been putting this coastal community and bio diverse natural heritage on the map for the last twenty years. With a small fishing village at its core, the Gansbaai group keeps growing and growing. Many of the tourism business members are Fair Trade Tourism certified, and all are committed to protecting the natural environment, preserving heritage, improving the quality of life of local people, and strengthening the local economy. Shark cage diving, kayaking, responsible whale watching, horse riding, fynbos safaris, and hiking are just a few of the holidays experiences to be had in this area that used to be just a quiet fishing village.

Exemplary businesses include Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, one of the first members of the prestigious Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy. Or the Dyer Island Conservation Trust founded in 2006 by two Association members, Marine Dynamics and Dyer Island Cruises to fund conservation studies into, for example, the African penguin and great white sharks. The Trust has also opened the African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary for rehabilitation of injured, oiled and diseased seabirds.

Gansbaai will always be about community, however, and the Gansbaai Tourism Association has been particularly active in social development through the Dibanisa Football Foundation and the Growing the Futures programme creating employment in horticulture. Tourism grows, crops grow, communities grow in Gansbaai. With many new pearls just waiting to be discovered.

Gansbaai Whale Watching Trips
During May to December of each year, the Gansbaai coastline becomes the home of the Southern Right Whale.
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Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai
Diving with these magnificent and mysterious creatures in a protected environment...
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