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Franskraal, at the edge of the Gansbaai area, is an unpretentious seaside village that at its western extreme is hugging the neighbouring coastal town of Kleinbaai. Franskraal is reached after a few km on the R 43 from Gansbaai.

Franskraal has a long sand-beach crossing the outlet of the Uilkraals-estuary, a known birding hotspot. Just next to the first row of houses of Franskraal is the entrance to a small but old milkwood-dominated forest. The marked "Groot Melkhoutbos Trail" is open to the public. Some interesting birds and plants can be spotted here. Immediately at the cliffs of Franskraal is the Strandveld Museum, a little historical gem. It gives insight in the local history and has the largest collection of relics of the HMT Birkenhead that wrecked at Danger Point in 1852.

Franskraal    Franskraal

Strandveld Museum -
A small privately owned museum at the cliffs of Franskraal. The Strandveld Museum is a little gem. The museum has the largest collection of relics of the HMT Birkenhead, that wrecked off Danger Point and several other historical items. The owners are local historians and marvellous story tellers who gladly take you on a trip through time. Die "quaint little museum" vlak teen die see op Franskraal, is in besit van die grootste versameling Birkenhead relieke in privaat besit. Die museum behoort aan Jan en SD Fourie en word deur hulle befonds en behartig.

Jan is een van die dorpskarakters, afgetrede onderwyser en kenner van die Strandveld en sy geskiedenis. Hy en sy vrou is bekende kontrei skrywers. Sy vrou SD, is 'n gekwalifiseerde nasionale toergids, ken die streek soos die palm van haar hand en organiseer gereeld interessante toere in die streek. Die Spooktoer is al 'n legende in die Strandveld is altyd vol bespreek. Jan se stories, sy konsertina en mondfluitjie is reeds wêrldbekend. Ook sy afwesigheid by die museum! Skakel die toerismekantoor of sy vrou. Hulle kry hom soms opgespoor.

Die Strandveld Museum word gehuisves in die destydse hoofman van Dyerseiland se woning tydens sy besoeke aan die hoofland.

Groot Melkhout trail - Franskraal
Though this small trail is situated right next to the Franskraal residential area, the presence of Franskraal close-by is not noticed anymore the moment one walks under the canopy of the Milkwood trees. The trail is a circular route of 2 km and it takes just about an hour to complete if the nature lover takes time to enjoy what the bush has to offer. Informative brochure is obtainable from the tourism office. DOGS SHOULD BE ON LEASH THE WHOLE TIME.

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